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From: David Batchelor (David-Batchelor@psion.com)
Date: Fri Nov 14 1997 - 05:42:32 EST

     I am currently writing some code to convert between Unicode and
     UTF-7/UTF-8, and in order to test this I need large amounts of text in
     both Unicode and UTF-7 and UTF-8 to throw at it to test it. The text
     needs to use a large and varied repertoire of characters. I'll shortly
     be doing something similar with converting between character sets, so
     I'll also need some text stored not only in Unicode, but also the
     equivalent text in Big Five, GB 2312-80, JIS, Shift-JIS, etc. Does
     anyone out there know about the whereabouts of such bodies of
     David Batchelor

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