Re: Greek/Etruscan/Gothic Unification Proposal

From: John Cowan (
Date: Thu Nov 20 1997 - 16:26:00 EST

John H. Jenkins scripsit:
> I should point out that we cannot unify Greek with Etruscan in any event,
> since the rendering rules are different. Etruscan characters have
> direction-dependant appearance -- if written RTL their appearance is the
> mirror image of what it is when written LTR. This isn't true for Greek.

Historically, the letter shapes in the Phoenician (RTL) alphabet
are mirror images of those in the Greek alphabet, and when Greek
was written boustrophedon, as in Euboean inscriptions, the letters
in the RTL portion appear mirrored, just as in Etruscan.

Such an inscription is visible on the Web at ,
which clearly shows the mirrored letters in the 2nd (RTL) line.
Note the close resemblance in style to the Etruscan letters
at .

Is Greek ever written RTL in Hebrew or Arabic contexts today?

John Cowan
			e'osai ko sarji la lojban

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