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From: Sam Sun (ssun@CNRI.Reston.Va.US)
Date: Fri Nov 21 1997 - 10:35:25 EST

There is a similar bug from Front Page 97, the Microsoft's web authering

When used to generate HTML documents using Simplified Chinese Character Set
encoding, it uses illegal charset name "gb_2312-80".

I believe the right charset name should be "gb-2312-80". Note that it's not
a underscore
character between "gb" and "2312", but a hyphen character.

Please correct me if I'm wrong.


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From: Misha Wolf <>
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Date: Thursday, November 20, 1997 2:42 PM
Subject: Serious bug on

>If anyone from Microsoft is listening, please note that ...
>My colleague, Charles Wicksteed, has spotted a serious problem at
><>. Many pages, including the page <>,
>contain an illegal charset name. Note that I am not referring to page
><>, which contains a legal charset name.
>The illegal name is "ISO8859-1". The IANA charset register does not
>contain such an alias for "ISO-8859-1" and many browsers do not recognise
>the string "ISO8859-1".
>I am glad to see that Front Pad inserts the correct charset name.
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