RE: Coptic Unification Proposal

From: Michael Everson (
Date: Wed Nov 26 1997 - 14:44:27 EST

Kamal uvaaca:

>Regarding de-unification, my personal preference is to be able to distinguish
>as many languages as possible in plain text; if I were to create such a list,
>it would be very long and it would certainly include Coptic among others. But
>we are not discussing personal preferences here. We are discussing a global
>standard which, though not perfect in every aspect, represents a historic
>forward for all.

Yes, but the global standard is made up of individual human beings like you
and me.

>In order to make Unicode succeed, we have to allow reasonable compromises in
>many areas so that we can include additional scripts as needed.

There is space for Coptic. :-) There is space for lots and lots of things.
Just look at the roadmap.

>I hope you do not take our discussion in a bad way. Your arguments have merit,
>and I understand them perfectly well.

I am glad you see it so. I understand yours too.

>We are disagreeing on what is a reasonable compromise in the case of Coptic.

No compromise! :-)

>For the benefit of everybody else on this
>list, let us agree to disagree and take further discussion off-line.

OK. Kamal, there's a little roadmap group talking off in the sidelines, and
I am about to start some discussion on this and related matters on the ISO
15924 (script codes) discussion list. I agree, let's get consensus off-line.

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