Re: Unicode for Malayalam Language.

From: Jeroen Hellingman (
Date: Mon Dec 01 1997 - 02:14:20 EST

> How can I get a copy of ISCII 91 ? Is it available on the net ?
> I feel, RRA(h) (ta - last character I pointed out as missing) can not
> be considered as a conjuct of RA because its pronunciation
> is totally different. Only form-wise, it looks like one big RA over
> small RA.
> More over, among the symbols, one particular symbol called
> "prasLe'sham" whose glyph is almost like an open integral sign and
> pronunciation like 'sau' is not included. This symbol is more often
> used than the symbol for half (1/2) or vocalic L. But I have not
> mentioned about this in my earlier comments.

ISCII is not available on the net, as far as I know, you may contact
ISI, or go to a mayor library with an IIT, as they might have it.
I have a copy here, but since I am in the middle of moving from one
house to another, it is packed away deeply.
double RRA can easily be treated as a conjunct, 1st, because it is simply
a stack of to RRA's, 2nd, because ISCII considers it a conjunct, and 3rd,
because most Malayalam dictionaries sort is as a conjunct. That it is
pronounced differently is hardly an argument, as for example in Hindi,
NY + JA is pronounced GYA, but still treated as a conjunct. NA has
two different pronounciations, so has RRA itself in Malayalam, but
these are also not given separate codes...

Do tell more about praslesham. Do you have an image of it

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