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From: Mark Leisher (
Date: Mon Dec 01 1997 - 15:57:46 EST

    Jungshik> Glyphs for all the Hangul syllables in Unicode 2.0(11,172
    Jungshik> of them) can be obtained in BDF from a few freely
    Jungshik> available Hangul true type fonts (e.g. Bitstream Cyberit
    Jungshik> and MS IE Int'l Extension for Korean) using ttf2bdf-k(a
    Jungshik> version of ttf2bdf patched by Choi, Jun-Ho which fixes the
    Jungshik> problem arising from the false assumption of the original
    Jungshik> ttf2bdf about TrueType font format. The original ttf2bdf
    Jungshik> can't handle 'composite' glyphs in truetype font unless it
    Jungshik> has been fixed since). Of course, it has to be made sure
    Jungshik> that Bitstream and MS don't mind their fonts being
    Jungshik> released in BDF. MS fonts contain Hanja (Chinese letters
    Jungshik> as used in Korea. over four thousands of them defined in
    Jungshik> KS C 5601-1987),too. ttf2bdf-k is available at
    Jungshik> <url:>. The
    Jungshik> web page is in Korean, but one doesn't have to read it to
    Jungshik> use ttf2bdf-k.

The latest version of ttf2bdf is 1.6 (part of the latest Freetype
beta distribution) and you can specify a mapping table on the command
line to convert from the selected platform and encoding ID to some other
character set encoding (i.e. Unicode to KSC5601.1987). The advantage of
CHOI Jun-Ho's version is that the Korean conversions are built in, but I
believe it was based on version 1.3. Version 1.6 binaries are
available from:

The ftp site for the Freetype (including ttf2bdf) sources available upon

To avoid problems with commercial fonts, I am working on a set of Hangul
modelled after (but not copied from) the Munhwa fonts. I might use the
Cyberbit font as a temporary solution.

    Jungshik> It should be easy enough to incorporate glyphs for 11,172
    Jungshik> of Hangul into your Unicode font if you don't mind
    Jungshik> enormous size increase. I wish this information would
    Jungshik> help your Unicode font be more complete.

Thanks! I appreciate your help. I will try to get Hangul added in the
near future.
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