RE: Excel and Unicode

From: Murray Sargent (
Date: Thu Dec 11 1997 - 18:06:47 EST

Works in Excel97 on Windows NT. (Should work in Win95 too, but the demo
below won't prove it...)

To see this in action, you can open NotePad (to be sure that plain text is
used...), type some English text, open CharMap with Times New Roman or Arial
(which have a lot of Western European Unicode characters), copy some Greek
and Cyrillic letters to the clipboard, paste these into Notepad, select all
and paste into an Excel97 cell. You'll see the English, Greek, and

Instead of using CharMap, if you have a Greek keyboard installed (pretty
easy to do...), you can type Greek letters into Notepad and Excel97. Thing
is, you can type Greek letters into a rich-text edit control that isn't
Unicode, e.g., RichEdit 1.0, so Notepad is kind of handy to be sure that
this demo doesn't cheat by using rich text (Excel97 has rich text cells).
Also works in Word97, of course.


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> One of our developers just asked ....
> Can one write Unicode (in either UCS-2 or UTF-8 form) into Excel using OLE
> and have it displayed correctly ?
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