RE: Differences between UTF-2 and UTF-8?

Date: Mon Dec 22 1997 - 12:04:53 EST

The difference is that UTF-8 correctly handles conversion of the code
positions for characters in planes 1 to 16 (decimal) but UTF-2/FSS-UTF
does not. You need to look at UTF-16 in conjunction with UTF-8.
Unicode V2.0 added support for UTF-8 and UTF-16. UTF-16 transforms the
code positions of characters in planes 1 to 16 into surrogates (pairs of
16-bit code positions in the 64K space of the Basic Multilingual Plane
(plane 0)). The code-positions for the surrogates are located in 4 rows
of plane 0. However speaking practically, until characters are assigned
to planes 1 to 16, UTF-2 and UTF-8 will produce the same results.

Ed Hart

        From: John Holder []
        Sent: 22 December, 1997 11:27
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        Subject: Differences between UTF-2 and UTF-8?

        Anyone got any experience/thoughts on using the multi-byte
        set AL24UTFFSS which is the Oracle Unicode multi-byte character
set for
        Oracle 7.3 ?

        The encoding system used is UTF-2 according to Oracle. UTF-8
support is in
        Oracle 8. I've done some simple experiments with Netscape 4.04
        UTF-8 as the encoding technique and it seems to work OK.

        Does anyone know what the difference is between UTF-2 and UTF-8

        John Holder
        Paradigm UK Ltd.

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