Re: short Unicode names?

From: Herbert Elbrecht (
Date: Sat Jan 03 1998 - 09:30:42 EST

>I'm not really interested in backward compatibility since Adobe names are
>inconsistent anyway (cf. `mu' in Macintosh standard encoding vs. `mu1' in
>WGL4 as used in Microsoft TrueType fonts). I'm rather interested whether
>someone has created Adobe-like names already from the Unicode names-- the
>primary goal is a standardized glyph name database for TeX resp. its 16bit
>successor, Omega.
> Werner


I started creating Adobe-like names from the additional Unicode names
time before - the problem as I can remember was with the more complicated
precomposed characters, mostly to be placed in the Private User Area.
following the "Stacking Sequences" as of Figure 2-7 in Unicode Standard
I used the names of diacriticals in its standard position "Mdot" - with
"below" or "above" for variant positions of the diacriticals "Mdotbelow"
Not having more than one diacritical at the same level, this worked for

My listing was for precomposed characters for
transliteration/transcription -
but as no one at Apple told me (for whatever reason) how to do Unicode
fonts for later MACusage, this being of no use I dropped the whole


Herbert Elbrecht

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