Re: Missing characters?

From: Mark Leisher (
Date: Mon Jan 05 1998 - 11:13:13 EST

    Graham> Luxembourgeois:

    Graham> upper case m circumflex
    Graham> lower case m circumflex
    Graham> upper case n circumflex
    Graham> lower case n circumflex

    Graham> Welsh:

    Graham> upper case w diaresis
    Graham> lower case w diaresis
    Graham> upper case w acute
    Graham> lower case w acute
    Graham> upper case w grave
    Graham> lower case w grave
    Graham> upper case v diaresis
    Graham> lower case v diaresis
    Graham> upper case v circumflex
    Graham> lower case v circumflex
    Graham> upper case y grave
    Graham> lower case y grave

The pre-composed "W" and "Y" forms are in the Latin Extended Additional range,
U+1E00 to U+1EFF. The others can be constructed by adding non-spacing
diacritics after their respective base-letters.
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