Re: short Unicode names?

Date: Mon Jan 05 1998 - 16:09:56 EST

Unfortunately, there are at least three sources of so-called adobe-ish
short names:

a) The PostScript glyph names by Adobe

   Not really standardized nor predictable. For one particular sign I was
   able to uncover three different PS glyph names. Since they are glyph
   names, Adobe names are too fine grained for a character set standard
   in many cases.

b) X11 character names

c) SGML entities

   There are several sets of standardised SGML entities concerning
   characters. Unfortunately, many characters needed for transliteration
   are outside the scope of the standardised sets and I don't know of any
   activity to standardise more of them. For a concrete project I had to
   make up a lot of new entity names. Some of them were straight forward
   (Gcaron, gcaron), other not so (Blineb : B with line below,
   Ddotb : d with dot below, Hbreveb : H with breve below,
   Dumlb : D with diaeresis below, Eturned : Letter turned E,
   Ccarondotb : C with caron and dot below). Not all of them are available
   as precomposed UNicode characters.

The differences between the three sets are also somtimes annoying, tho they
agree on Aacute, they disagree on e. g.:

Adieresis (a) - Adiaeresis (b) - Auml (c)

--J"org Knappen

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