Re: Monotype exotic fonts

From: Harry Gaylord (
Date: Wed Jan 07 1998 - 04:20:20 EST

Dear Mr. Mansour,

I have seen your contributions to the 10646 group and want to ask a more
personal question.

I currently teach in a dept of humanities computing in a Dutch university. I
have been working on character sets and SGML related things for the last 10

However, I am originally a medievalist, working in Early Slavic, Greek, Hebrew,
Coptic, etc. I printed a number of text editions using the lasercomp and the
Monotype fonts at Oxford University Computing Services while it was operational.
When it was closed down, a contract was set up between Monotype and CHEST for
academic purchase of Monotype fonts. However, this contract excludes non-British
academics, even when they are on sabbatical in a British university.

On a number of occasions I have spoken with representatives from Monotype in
Britain and in Paris, but have not been able to even get a price quotation for
single licenses of a limited number of these ponstscript fonts.

In the future I do want to publish a number of works in this field and would like
to be able to use Monotype fonts to do this. Could you recommend how I can arrange
to purchase these fonts for single license use?

Thank you very much.

Harry Gaylord
Dept of Humanities Computing
Groningen University
POB 716
Groningen 9700 AS
The Netherlands
fax +31 50 3636855

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