Re: (iso15924.72) About names again...

From: Alain LaBont\i\ (
Date: Wed Jan 07 1998 - 11:33:38 EST

A 11:11 07/01/98 +0100, Michael Everson a écrit :
>As regards ISO 15924, we _could_ add numeric codes to the draft standard,
>though I see no compelling reason to do so (i.e., user requirement). The
>user requirement for using mnemonic letters, however, is rather large.

[Alain] :
Then if you are logical with your argument (and I know that in you're
defense of minority group, you will consider this easily), there is a
requirement, if it is so, that there be mnemonicity in all user languages.
Think about it. Otherwise it creates problems. In Canada we see these
problems every day.

Numerical codes can (and should) at any stage be translated into the user's
language and still keep their efficiency. But letter codes are less
efficient by nature and machines just require pure bits, the simplest way
to represent pure numbers, concepts making total abstraction of any user
language representation.

I you want to start the Babel problem again in places where it does not
exist, use codes which have a mnemonic property in a language that you will
impose to the world. You can start wars like this, I can bet you.

Alain LaBonté

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