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From: Misha Wolf (
Date: Wed Jan 28 1998 - 16:03:16 EST

Please note that what Oracle call "UTF-2" is actually "UTF-8".


> We have a three tiered application which we would like to covert to UniCode
> in order to support a Chinese version of our application.
> 1) The Client tier would use MS Windows 95 Simplified Chinese. Which
> encoding scheme of UniCode does this Version of W95 support? UCS2 or UTF2
> 2) The middle tier is a MS NT4.0 Server. I know that NT4.0 was built from
> the bottom up with UniCode in mind and therefore can I assume, that I don't
> need to use a Simplified Chinese Version of NT4.0 Server?? Also what
> scheme of unicode does NT4.0 support UTF2 or UCS2.
> 3) The third tier is Unix with Oracle The information I have
> gathered says that Oracle only support UTF2 (multi-byte) and not UCS2. Is
> this correct?
> Do I need to assume that in order for all three tiers to operate correctly
> together they need to all use the same encoding schemes??
> Many thanks for any assistance
> Regards
> Matthew

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