Klingon script (was: Zapf Dingbats ...)

From: John Cowan (cowan@locke.ccil.org)
Date: Fri Jan 30 1998 - 10:58:40 EST

Sairus P. Patel wrote:

> > I noticed that some of the ranges overlap for example Klingon.
> "Klingon"? How intriguing - is that a font that's treading in Unicode
> where no font has tread before? Or perhaps where another font *has* tread
> before, you imply. What ranges overlap?

"Klingon" is not a font, but a script used to write the Klingon language
(tlIngan Hol). The Latin script may also be used. The usual font is
named "Qo'noS", after the Klingon homeworld.

The Linux authorities have chosen to place the Klingon script in the
Corporate Use Area, and the ConScript Unicode Registry
(http://www.ccil.org/~cowan/csur or http://www.indigo.ie/egt/standards/csur)
has kept the same assignments. Obviously, neither of these have
Unicode or ISO status.

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