Re: Titlecase mappings for GREEK SYMBOLs

From: Michael Everson (
Date: Thu Feb 05 1998 - 04:33:31 EST

Ar 10:40 -0800 1998-02-04, scríobh Rick McGowan:
>And I say... The question before us is whether or not the database is
>CORRECT with respect to the actual identities of these things, whatever they
>may be called. They are identified in the Unicode standard as "variant
>letter forms", and they should participate in case-mapping behavior just as
>their "normal" counterparts; but I think their exact title-case mappings
>should probably be examined, since the question has come up...

Well, if you find them in text used as letters then they should have case.
If they are only mathematical thingies then they shouldn't. Ken seems to
say that they are used in as letters, but is it them as characters which
are used as letters or them as glyphs used as letters? I mean, are they --
in implementations -- autonomous like the FINAL SIGMA or not? (Of course,
they are there, so perhaps one must assume that users will use them for
whatever they want.)

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