Re: Subject: Windows 95 clipboard & Unicode

From: John Cowan (
Date: Tue Feb 17 1998 - 12:09:59 EST

Paul Dempsey replied to me:

> > [T]he Sam editor [...] correctly puts the
> > UCS-2 format under CF_UNICODE, but the CF_TEXT format holds UTF-8 text,
> > Sam's native format.
> That is an incorrect use of the CF_TEXT format. No windows application will
> expect UTF-8 in CF_TEXT. They will expect text in the system codepage.

Absolutely. My point is that the mere fact of setting CF_UNICODE
does not constrain CF_TEXT, nor vice versa, contrary to the statement
in _Developing International Software_ previously quoted:

# Any text
# copied to the clipboard is enumerated in all three
# formats, so it's possible to cut and paste across
# applications supporting different character sets.

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