Re: unicode UNIX editor recommendations

From: Jungshik Shin (
Date: Tue Feb 17 1998 - 16:53:38 EST

On Tue, 2 Dec 1997, David Pope wrote:

> Does anyone have recommendations for a UNICODE text editor for
> UNIX, specifically for HPs?

  This question has remain unanswered except for an suggestion to use
NeXTstep/OpenSTep, which is not so useful to those who have no access to
NeXTstep/Openstep. Recently, I grabbed a nice unicode editor(Werner
Lemberg informed me of that) and related goodies(uniprint,uniconv, etc)

and thought some of you may be interested in it.

 It's called yudit and written by Gaspar Sinai <>. An
accompanying utility uniprint makes use of Unicode truetype fonts to
print multilinguial texts in various encodings supported by uniconv,
another utility supporting many different encodings based on Unicode and
ISO-2022. uniconv is better than tcs(from Plan9) in that it supports
UTF-7 not supported by tcs. When linked with freetype library, truetype
fonts can be used in yudit as well(uniprint doesn't require freetype
library to produce PS output using truetype fonts).

  Currently, its CJK support is not yet complete because it only
supports kinput2 protocol for Japanese and it doesn't work with more
generic XIM protocol based on which there are quite many X input method
servers for CK. The author is planning to add support for XIM sooner or
later, though. It can be compiled with Motif(Lesstif- linked binary
works pretty well under Linux),Qt and KDE widget set, but he's gonna
make it independent of widget.

    Hope this information would be useful,

      Jungshik Shin

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