Microsoft codepage mappings: U+00B7 vs U+2219

Date: Thu Feb 19 1998 - 18:21:38 EST

Microsoft Windows (at least Win95) does something weird with character
183 in codepages 1250-1258; perhaps someone can shed some light on it
for me:

If I ask MultiByteToWideChar() to translate character 183 to Unicode,
it converts it to U+00B7 (MIDDLE DOT). This matches the Vendor tables
supplied with the Unicode 2.0 standard.


If I call TextOutA() to display character 183, Windows displays the
character at U+2219 (BULLET OPERATOR)

This seems to be the only exception that I can find to the conceptual
model that says TextOutA() is equivalent to a MultiByteToWideChar()
followed by TextOutW().

Does anyone know why MS does this, or of what benefit it is?

Bob Hallissy

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