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From: Brendan_Murray/DUB/
Date: Fri Feb 20 1998 - 13:56:24 EST

This is another of those dreadful systems that's going to make life very
hard for anyone to translate Indic data to Unicode. Basically, the Indic
glyphs replace the Latin alphabetics so the system will display the
required glyph instead of the letter. Note that these Indic glyphs are
really only partial characters which are juxtapositioned to provide the
display required, i.e. they don't follow ISCII or any other standard. NT5 &
Win98 are going to have a lot of fun supporting the legacy data produced
using these fonts.

That said, the display looks good, and it's easy to use.


Rick McGowan <> on 02/20/98 12:37:48

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From: Harsh Kumar <>
Date: Fri, 20 Feb 1998 19:50:42 +0500 (GMT+0500)

Sorry to trouble you.

Have you tried Shusha fonts. Please take Shusha from following site:

Please do let me have your feedback.

With regards and best wishes.

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