Unihan Extension A

From: Doug Schiffer (laotzu.XYZZY@dreamscape.com)
Date: Fri Mar 06 1998 - 03:41:39 EST

I've just updated my Unihan Extension A web page to include cross
reference info to the Giles Chinese Dictionary. This cross reference
maps any character in the Extension A area into the Giles dictionary
that meets the following criterion:

 1) Has a CNS-92 value AND
 2) Exists in "A Chinese-English Dictionary" by Herbert A. Giles,
      2nd edition, 1912

There are 645 characters that meet these criteria. If someone can get
me info on the
non-CNS characters in the Unihan Extension A area, then I can map them
to the Giles dictionary as well.

See http://www.dreamscape.com/laotzu/cjkexta/cjkexta.html

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