Unicode mapping tables available

From: Mark Leisher (mleisher@crl.nmsu.edu)
Date: Fri Mar 06 1998 - 20:27:04 EST

To avoid any potential problems, I redid the character set table archive I was
maintaining here at CRL/NMSU. I removed all tables that can already be found
at the Unicode ftp site and removed all of the tables that are only useful to

Most of the mapping tables included are not already part of some well known
conversion package or provided elsewhere in this particular format (Format A
in Unicode terms), with the exception of three useful tables which were
generated from data in the "tcs" package.

The tables should all map to the most recent version of Unicode (2.0 and the
forthcoming 2.1 at the time this was written).

If anyone wants to donate more mapping tables, I would be happy to include
them in this archive. The more tables we have, the easier it is to migrate
text to Unicode!

The tables all have an X11-style copyright (not very restrictive) because I
typed most of them in myself. Please let me know of any problems found with
the data or with copyrights.

The updated archive can be found at:


The mapping tables currently in the archive are:

ALTVAR Alternativnyj variant Russian
AST166-7.1997 Armenian ArmSCII 7
AST166-8.1997 Armenian ArmSCII 8
AST166-A.1997 Armenian ArmSCII A
ATEX ATeX transliteration
CP1258 Vietnamese Windows
EGAF Persian font encoding
HAMSHAHRI Persian font encoding
ISIRI3342 Persian standard
ISOIR111 ECMA Cyrillic (extended KOI8)
KOI8R KOI8 Russian
KOI8RU KOI8 Russian/Belorusian/Ukranian
KOI8UNI KOI8 Unified
NOTABENESC Nota Bene Latin SerboCroat (not complete)
OSNOVAR Osnovnoj variant Russian
SHIFTGB Shifted GB2312.1980
TCVN5712-1.1993 Vietnamese
TCVN5712-2.1993 Vietnamese
TIS620 Thai
UCODE U-Code Russian
VIQRI Vietnamese Quoted Readable - Implicit (VISCII)
VISCII Vietnamese
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