Re: Regular expressions in Unicode (Was: Ethiopic text)

From: John Cowan (
Date: Fri Mar 13 1998 - 12:35:39 EST

Peter Westlake wrote:

> Kolbjrn wrote:
> > Would not something like:
> >
> > Aa:::::::,Bb,Cc:,Dd,Ee:,Ff,Gg,Hh,
> > I:i,Jj,Kk,Ll,Mm,Nn:,O
> > o:::::,Pp,Qq,Rr,Ss,Tt,Uu:,Vv,Ww,Xx,Yy:,Zz.
> >
> > be apropriate for english searching?
> Yes. In fact, that could be the value of the ordered equivalence
> class for letters in English, except that I think you are including
> extra information about how letters sort within each class.

How's that again? The Y to equivalence would seem to be
purely Nordic, certainly not English. English would probably
expect to see collate with U.

But then see my .sig for the pitfalls of such reasoning!

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