ACAP, MLSF, Unicode

From: Rick McGowan (
Date: Fri Mar 13 1998 - 15:29:51 EST

To Whom it May Concern:

In a recent meeting of the Unicode Technical Committee, there was some
discussion of the ACAP document RFC 2244, and the MLSF draft, and the
so-called "Plane 14" proposal recently issued as:

The following statement is being issued jointly to the Unicode and ACAP
communities to clarify the situation and intent of those involved.

        UTC has expressed serious reservations about the reference
        to MLSF in RFC 2244. RFC 2244 also makes reference to an
        alternative to MLSF, which has been agreed to by UTC, the
        authors of ACAP, and other parties. This alternative, Plane
        14, is awaiting final approval at ISO.

        Barring the unforeseen circumstance of an ISO rejection,
        no effort shall be made to advance MLSF, and the reference
        to MLSF in RFC 2244 must not be construed by anyone as
        being such an effort.

        It is anticipated by all parties that MLSF will be formally
        abandoned at the time of ISO approval of Plane 14.

                Joan Aliprand, Chair, Unicode Technical Committee
                Mark Crispin, Panda Programming
                Rick McGowan, Technical Director, Unicode Inc.
                Lisa Moore, Vice President, Unicode Inc.
                Chris Newman, Software Developer, Innosoft International, Inc.
                Ken Whistler, Technical Director, Unicode Inc.

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