Re: Removal from list

From: John Wilcock (
Date: Tue Mar 24 1998 - 03:56:56 EST

On Mon, 23 Mar 1998 14:56:25 -0800 (PST), Wesley George (Volt
Computer) wrote:
>The plight of the entity "Adrian T" is yet another illustration
>of why it is important to keep track of your real addresses.
>The entity in question subscribed as "" on
>03 Feb 1998 at 10:36:46 and subsequently made three attempts
>to unsubscribe as "", on 17 Mar and 23 Mar.

The curious thing, is that the sequence "+aea-" looks suspiciously
like a UTF-7 string, and indeed Adrian T's messages purport to be in
UTF-7, but the string in question doesn't seem to correspond to the @

John Wilcock,

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