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From: TOYOSHIMA Masayuki (
Date: Tue Mar 24 1998 - 05:09:32 EST

>To me, that means that the pages are of
>different sizes - Brand X must put fewer characters per page.
The edition reffered to by the CJK-IRG was a recent one based on
the Tong-Wen shu-ju edition, reproduced by the Zhong-Hua shu-ju.
The original Kan-Xi editions contain approx. 3500 fol (7000 pgs).
Your `Brand X' may be a recent reproduction of the revised version
issued in DaoGuang period.
NB. 1. unfortunately, there seems to be no published reproduction of
        the `original' editions of Kan-Xi. (or is there ?)
    2. the `original' edition is not one, but are set of versions
        minutely different from each other, among which errata are
        silently corrected, characters and notes are supplemented/
        deleted, and (of course) glyphs are (silently) replaced.
        Just look at JIS X0208:1997 52-46 (its rationale), cf. UCS 583d.
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