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>Perhaps someone on the unicode list can provide this fellow
>with some help.
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>> Subject: display of unicode
>> I'm looking for a macintosh application which can display unicode
>> characters.
>> I'm a Java developer and one my applications collects data. Some of the
>> data is text which is collected in Unicode. I can view the Latin
>> characters of the data by opening the gathered file in a word processor.
>> However, if the text is entered in a language like Japanese, presently I
>> can't see this text.
>> Are there public or commercial software for displaying all characters of
>> the current Unicode character set?
>> Thank you for your information.
>> Jose Luiz P. Almeida
>> Senecio Software


In order to display non-Roman languages on the Macintosh (from Java or
anything else), you need to install the appropriate language kit.
Presently Apple sells Arabic, Hebrew, Cyrillic, Chinese, Japanese,
Korean, and Indian language kits. They should be available from any of
the usual Mac mail order places, or anyone else who carries
Apple-labelled software. I know this works for all languages with Apple's
Java VM, Macintosh Runtime for Java (currently at version 2.0). I think
it also works with Netscape's and Microsoft's VMs, at least for Japanese.

You can find out more about Apple Language Kits at:

Hope this help!

David Goldsmith
International and Text Department Architect
Apple Computer, Inc.

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