Re: Translators who use unicode

From: Geoffrey Waigh (
Date: Fri Apr 03 1998 - 22:46:11 EST

Steve Cohen wrote:

[previous message was looking for a translation bureau that would
deliver Unicode based texts.]

> I think this is asking the wrong question. There are many localization
> companies (like ours) who can translate text into Japanese and Chinese
> using existing tools and legacy character encodings; it is then short
> work to convert this text into Unicode using commonly available tools
> (like ones we that produce).

I think that is the right question; when dealing with customer data
I'll go through the hassles to get the conversions working so their
system integrates with ours. When dealing with a vendor, I expect
THEM to accomodate me and supply the data in Unicode so I can easily
tell what I've got and readily plug it into my Unicode side of things.
If they want to work internally in some other scheme and translate it
before shipping it to me, that's fine so long as they get it right.

Any time two organizations can exchange Unicode data without going
through legacy character encodings brings a smile to my face.

Geoffrey Waigh

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