Re: ISO 6937

From: Kenneth Whistler (
Date: Wed Apr 08 1998 - 14:08:05 EDT

> Anyone have information on Teletext,

"Integrated VIP and teletext decoder."

Large file from a slow server -- be patient!

This is a hardware specification, but if you scroll down
to Tables 12 - 15, you will see diagrams of the standard
Teletext character sets for Western European, Eastern
European, Western European + Turkish, and Baltic and

Teletext is not in the SC2 mold of character sets at all.
The bit patterns for teletext are modal, and mix combinations
for characters with combinations for arbitrary screen block
graphics. There are also bit patterns for controlling
alphanumerics and graphics colors. Most of the alphanumerics
could be converted to/from Unicode -- but there are a few
very strange ducks hiding in the bushes. And most of the
alphanumeric sets also have one or more duplicate patterns.


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