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From: Alain LaBont\i\ (
Date: Wed Apr 08 1998 - 15:21:38 EDT

A 10:58 98-04-08 -0700, Kenneth Whistler a écrit :
>The bit patterns for teletext are modal, and mix combinations
>for characters with combinations for arbitrary screen block
>graphics. There are also bit patterns for controlling
>alphanumerics and graphics colors. Most of the alphanumerics
>could be converted to/from Unicode -- but there are a few
>very strange ducks hiding in the bushes.

[Alain] :
Very true. I went through this too when I had to integrate the répertoire
of ISO/IEC 6937 in the Canadian ordering standard CAN/CSA Z243.4.1. I had
to cheat, I must confess... and I was expecting comments from my
compatriots during the public review, but they never came, so the ducks are
strange but do not seem to be aggressive predators: Ken fortunately chose
that kind of animal for the comparison rather than hawks... they are not
very dangerous indeed for ordering, as strange as they might look (; --
just lame ducks...

...well, except maybe for one thing that is more annoying in CAN/CSA
Z243.230 (LOCALEs): there is a shared capital letter for the Icelandic ETH
and the D with stroke... given that Latin 2 is not used much in Canada, we
chose Icelandic ETH as the back-and-forth couple (LOCALEs define couples of
letters that belong together and can be translated from capital to lower
case or vice-versa), but this is a serious flaw of ISO/IEC 6937, that
fortunately does not plague Unicode (however discriminatory choices have to
be made for translation!)

Alain LaBonté

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