Re: TTF and Unicode surrogates

From: Kenneth Whistler (
Date: Thu May 14 1998 - 16:29:26 EDT

Werner asked:

> just recently I've looked into the Unicode web pages. The next major
> release (to appear next year?) seems to already have characters allocated
> in the surrogate area -- now my question:
> how will such surrogate characters represented in a cmap of a TrueType
> font?

Let me clarify one thing. While sets of characters are being
tentatively encoded using the surrogates (or in 10646 terminology,
are being encoded on Plane 1), these allocations are still
tentative, and are not part of the publication plans for the
next major release of the Unicode Standard (Version 3.0).

To standardize Plane 1 characters and keep the Unicode Standard
in synch with 10646, we are depending on the balloting and
publication of a *new* part of 10646: ISO/IEC 10646-2 (2001?) that
is still in working draft and has not even reached a CD (committee
draft) stage yet.

So when Unicode 3.0 appears, it will still not have any standardized
characters encoded with surrogates.

That said, the surrogates are coming soon after, and Werner's question
about TrueType cmap's is still an interesting one.


> Werner

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