Re: IMUG 5/21/98 - Upcoming Unicode Technologies for the Mac OS

From: Dan Kegel (
Date: Sun May 17 1998 - 10:14:23 EDT

Thanks. That's good news.
(Factoid: Apple's Unicode efforts had been centred on
the illfated and unpopular QuickDrawGX, which is being dropped
from MacOS X. The rumor I heard was that it was unpopular
because it wasn't standard on all Macs, and it required font
makers to convert their fonts to a new format. Presumably
they won't make those mistakes again.)
- Dan

At 09:56 AM 5/16/98 -0700, wrote:
>Apple has been heavily involved with the development of the Unicode
>character set from its inception and has maintained a commitment to
>provide Unicode support in its products. One area where this support
>has been conspicuously lacking is within QuickDraw, the Macintosh's
>imaging system.
>Apple has a number of new technologies targeted for inclusion in Mac
>OS 8.5 which help address this. One of the most important is Apple
>Type Services for Unicode Imaging, which allows the direct drawing
>of Unicode text within QuickDraw and also provides support for
>advanced typography within a QuickDraw drawing environment. Other
>technologies include enhancements to the Text Services Manager and
>the Text Encoding Converter.

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