Re: TTF and PS.

From: Kenneth Whistler (
Date: Tue May 19 1998 - 12:36:12 EDT

Anshuman Pandey asked:

> Why was TrueType chosen as the format for Unicode fonts? Will
> there be PostScript fonts available as well?

TrueType wasn't "chosen" as the format for Unicode fonts.
Fonts to cover one or more portions of the Unicode Standard
repertoire are available in all current font technologies.
TrueType is the preferred font technology for Windows, which
is why it gets so much coverage and discussion on the list.

> I understand these are pretty vague questions. I would be most
> appreciative if anyone could point me to a source where the answer might
> be found. I would have looked in the Unicode Standard book, but I don't
> have immediate access to a copy.

ISBN 0-201-48345-9 from your local bookstore. Highly recommended!
Or, if you are online, you can order it from, or
direct from the Unicode Consortium:

--Ken Whistler

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