Re: Eyelash Ra/Variant Mark?

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Date: Wed May 27 1998 - 04:02:12 EDT


Ive read the Unicode document at pages mentioned in the msg. below.
On Tue, 26 May 1998, James E. Agenbroad wrote:
> Could a variant mark (cf. recent minutes) be used to invoke the eyelash RA
> and thus resolve the current 'double duty' usage of ZWJ in Unicode 2.0: 1.
> at figure 6-15 (page 6-37) for independent half forms, and, 2. at R5 (page
> 6-39) for the eyelash-RA? This is not a stylistic/glyph variation, it
> depends on grammar and pronounciation, neither of which are a focus
> of Unicode.

The eyelash Ra should be formed by U0931 (RRA) + U94D (halant) when it is
followed by any consonant or a Invisible consonant INV (named ZWJ in
Unicode). You can view this implementation widely used for Marathi in
India, by downloading LEAP-Lite from CDAC's Web site and typing it out
by shift-J, d, / using the Inscript keyboard layout with Caps-Lock on.

The character U0931 is used for this eyelash Ra in marathi apart from
being the hard RA consonant in Tamil, Malayalam and Telugu. This is also
described in the ISCII document. So the reference R5 on page 6-39 of
Unicode 2.0 needs to be corrected to read RRA-halant instead of Ra-halant.
Once this is done, the double duty in the role of ZWJ with respect to Ra
halant will get resolved. Once you do this you treat the eyelash-RA as
the half form of the consonant RRA and this becomes consistent with
half forms of other consonants too.

If your reference to VARIANT MARK implies U0931 then it is same as what
you said perhaps.

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