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Date: Thu May 28 1998 - 07:14:22 EDT


On Wed, 27 May 1998, Jeroen Hellingman wrote:
> Some duplication in Indian databases will be unavoidable, as there
> is no way to predict how people will transliterate their names in
> English, and the same is true for street and place names, but between
> Indian languages the problem is far less, and character table-look
> up can be used in Unicode. Given current developments in font
> technology (OpenType, etc) it will be possible to add tables to
> for example a Devanagari font to also render other
> Indic characters in Unicode as
> easy as characters from the devanagari block itself, which means,
> with such fonts, it can be just as easy. However, I know of no
> applications that can do this at this time.

YEs, I agree with you. But the OpenType tables are not easy to manipulate
for most and there is a lack of font tools presently to do the mappings

Mr. Tambe, who has done extensive work on Indian language Implementations
at IITKanpur and CDAC since the early 80's, has sent me his comments-
Tamil to Devanagari, transliteration has numerous difficulties.
For instance the aspirated and the secondary consonants in a varg, get
represented by the primary consonant - this makes it
almost impossible for figuring out what should be the proper rendition in
Devanagari. In midst of this the Tamil R-dot getting something converted
to Eyelash Ra, becomes a non-issue.

Between South Indian and North Indian languages, transliteration rules
have to be applied, primarily because of the 'a' vowel ending problem.

The ISCII automatic transliteration scheme has
been working well in the field, and in practice has not caused any problem.


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