Re: Eyelash Ra/Variant Mark? (collation issue)

From: Jeroen Hellingman (
Date: Fri May 29 1998 - 02:26:45 EDT

> But I do want to point out that contrary to Jeroen's hope, there is
> no likelihood of the UTC promoting a "standard Unicode API" for
> collation. The Unicode Technical Committee proposes, reviews and
> standardizes algorithms which may be of use in promoting interoperable
> implementations of the standard. But API's tend to be vendor-specific,
> and are left to the discretion of the vendors themselves, or to
> the initiative of others who may wish to develop and distribute
> libraries (freeware or for profit) that implement API's related
> to the Unicode Standard.

I am aware of this position of the UTC.
I am considering to create a full Unicode support API
(implemented in C++) that will include all functionality needed
to use Unicode as described in the standard, except for
glyph composition, including boundary algorithms, canonical
representation, bidi resolving, collating, etc. I am plaqued
by lack of time and resources though, and wonder how many
people will be interested, as I expect various vendors will
be working on this as well.


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