RE: Hawaiian language site goes Unicode

From: Adrian Havill (
Date: Wed Jun 03 1998 - 17:31:03 EDT

>At 6/3/98 10:59 AM,
>( wrote:
>>Also, does anyone have insight as to when Mac Nav or
>>MSIE might support Unicode?
>Netscape Navigator 4 and MSIE 4 for Mac both support UTF-8.

>They're both
>limited to displaying characters that are in the Mac OS character set
>repertoires, however, so many Unicode characters can't be displayed.

Be sure to test thoroughly. One browser is still pretty glitchy when it
comes to Unicode-- in particular, the gotchas are:

a) avoid Unicode in the <TITLE>. They show up as "?" for many characters, no
matter what the charset is set to.
b) Some <FORM> controls in Unicode come up fubar.
c) The default font for one browser for Unicode is Arial and Courier...
meaning that unless your users are savvy enough to change this beforehand,
they'll get squares for non-Latin 1. If the page is not targeted towards
power-users (iow, the general public), this is to keep in mind-- you may
need a warning page beforehand telling users to set their Unicode font to
yyyyyyy. This is the one and only reason why we won't use Unicode for
Japanese yet-- the Japanese version of xxxxxxx requires the end-user to
manually set the Unicode font to a Japanese font.
d) The Unix version Unicode support is far more buggy than the Win32

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