Re: Apostrophe (was: Re: Hawaiian language site goes Unicode)

Date: Thu Jun 04 1998 - 04:06:24 EDT

Penei ka 'olelo a,Internet:

> The preferred shape for the Hawai'ian glottal stop is the turned
> comma, and not the apostrophe shape.

That is correct.

Also, I rectified the bug in my rendering script so that I can properly
render U+2018 , I've changed the main page at so that it uses that character,
the rest of the site stays the same.

I'm still not quite sure which way to go with this. If U+2018 is better
supported in font sets I'd probably opt for it over U+02BB. I could easily
switch back should U+02BB become better supported.

I appreciate the time you all are taking to educate me on all this. I'll be
working on the docs for how this was all done with Frontier over the weekend
if anyone is interested. I'll post a URL when its ready.

Mahalo a nui.


              Ho'ouna 'ia mai loko mai o ka Leoki
             papa lawelawe ho'olaha 'olelo Hawai'i
             Kualono -

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