Re: Hawaiian language site goes Unicode

Date: Wed Jun 03 1998 - 11:01:40 EDT

Penei ka 'olelo a,Internet:
> John Cowan began this discussion by asking how U+02BB was chosen, but
> I don't know that he intended to convey that U+2018 would have been
> better (though I don't really know for sure). Ken Whistler responded:
> > I pointed out the two possible encodings they could use:
> > and noted that U+2018 is intended for punctuation, whereas U+02BB
> > is intended for letters of alphabets, as for Hawaiian.
> > At the same time, I pointed out that U+2018 is more widely
> > implemented in Unicode fonts than U+02BB, so that it might be
> > a better choice for easiest display of Hawaiian data, despite
> > the fact that it is intended for punctuation.

I was initally more concerned simply with display, so that was appreciated.
> Please note that, as Ken pointed out, U+2018 is intended as
> punctuation. If you use that as a word-forming character, a browser or
> other app might give you undesireble behaviour (for, say, word/line
> breaks, hyphenation) becuase it is making assumptions about the
> character semantics. Since U+02BB is intended for "letters of
> alphabets", it is probably a better choice in the long term, even if
> there is narrower implementation for it in fonts at the present time.
> You may want to reconsider this issue before you change all your
> files.

We actually faced that problem initially in our 8bit system for Hawaiian. The
glottal does occur in the Mac character set, but if used it was not taken
into account for alphabetization and completely disgarded by spell checkers.
So we replaced umlaut-y with our glottal.

I tried to use U+2018 and having difficulty making this work in the rendering
process, so I'm using U+02BB for the glottal. I'll keep it that way for now
and see how it works out. Re-rendering the whole site only takes about 10
minutes, so changing it will not be a major issue.

Thanks a lot for the feedback, guys. I'm learning this stuff in leaps and


              Ho'ouna 'ia mai loko mai o ka Leoki
             papa lawelawe ho'olaha 'olelo Hawai'i
             Kualono -

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