From: Emil HERSAK (emil.hersak@zg.tel.hr)
Date: Wed Jun 17 1998 - 22:47:35 EDT

Dear list subscribers,

This is most probably a stupid question, but I must post it. Namely, in e-mail
I am using MS Exchange 5.0 and I still have not figured out how I can sent
and post messages in my own language (Croatian) with Windows CP 1250.
Although by now most people I am corresponding with are used to receiving
strange diacritics, I would appreciate some information on correctly configura-
ting my mailer to send and receive the correct markings. Naturally, the best
would be to use some Unicode setting, so that I could use other scripts as
well, but this I do not know if it works yet.



           Emil HERŠAK
Institut za migracije i narodnosti
10.000 Zagreb, HRVATSKA
email: emil.hersak@zg.tel.hr

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