Re: Outlook & the Euro

From: Chris Wendt (
Date: Fri Jun 19 1998 - 11:55:42 EDT

Microsoft is not expecting that the ISO-8859-1 to -10 definitions will
change to include the Euro.
Current Microsoft mail clients label outgoing mail messages as iso-8859-1
when sending the Latin 1 charset and are making no exceptions if user
entered characters in the 0x80 to 0x9F range of the Windows-1252 charset.
There is of course no guarantee that messages containing characters outside
the iso-8859-1 range are rendered correctly at the recipient's machine.

Our Web authoring tools will label "Windows-1252" in these cases.

Our future mail client products will assign the label "us-ascii",
"iso-8859-1" or "Windows-1252" depending on the existence of Windows-1252
characters 0x80 to 0x9f or Latin 1 characters 0xa0 to 0xff in the input

Microsoft has requested registration of "Windows-1252" with IANA a while ago
and has updated all Windows-125x charsets to include code points for the


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>It appears that Outlook Express and Outlook 98 send data containing the
>Euro at 0x80, the Windows codepage assignment, but mark the data as being
>8859-x. Are there any plans to fix this, or does MS expect the reassignment
>of characters in the C1 range to graphics?
>If the latter, can we expect a proposal to this effect to be sent for

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