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On Tue, 7 Jul 1998, Ken C. wrote:
> I need to convert some data from Unicode to Double Byte Code Set like
> following.
> Korean 'cho' = C1B6 = Unicode U+C870
> Korean 'chok' = C1B7 = Unicode U+C871
> Is it possible that I can get a "Unicode to Code Page 949 (Korean)
> converter".
   CP949.txt is available at Unicode ftp archive so that it'd be very
easy to write a simple code converter for that. Also, yudit(Unicode
editor for Unix/X11) contains a powerful code converter which can deal
with UTF-8, UTF-7, UCS-2(LE,BE) and many other ISO-2022
compliant(EUC-KR, EUC-JP, ISO-2022-JP, ISO-8859-x) and ISO-2022
uncompliant (mostly vendor specific, e.g. MS's various code pages and
Big5, Shift_JIS, Korean JOHAB) encodings. tcs included in Bell Lab's
Plan9(ported to Unix and MS-DOS) can do almost the same but it's Korean
mapping table is based on Unicode 1.1 so that you need to get an updated
table for Korean.
  In addition, JDK 1.2 supports conversion between garden varieties of
encodings and UTF-8. iconv() in recent versions of Unices such as
Solaris 2.6 can do what you wanna do as well.
  For Korean specific (and some general) information
on this issue, see <URL:>.
       Hope this would help,
        Jungshik Shin

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