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Date: Wed Jul 08 1998 - 04:08:08 EDT

Basis Tech have a good Unicode converter called UniConv. Although it doesn't
appear to list CP949 it does provide a KoreanAutoDetect encoding. You can
download this tool from

Hope this helps

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Assuming the "Korean 'cho'" and "Korean 'chok'" are totally irrelevant,
and you only want a binary character-to-character converter, this is
certainly doable. I do not have any information on Code Page 949.
Can you send it to me? Is this a command line app?


> I need to convert some data from Unicode to Double Byte Code Set like
> following.
> Korean 'cho' = C1B6 = Unicode U+C870
> Korean 'chok' = C1B7 = Unicode U+C871
> Is it possible that I can get a "Unicode to Code Page 949 (Korean)
> converter".

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