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From: Otto Stolz (
Date: Fri Jul 10 1998 - 13:07:53 EDT

Am 1998-07-08 um 0:36 hat Jeroen Hellingman geschrieben:
> A simple solution [...] is to convert the formatted text to jpeg images.
> [...] the drawback ofcourse is either a lot of diskspace to save all
> possible jpegs for your database, or having to do the conversion
> on the fly.

There is another, severer drawback: the WWW pages will be unintellegibele
- people with visual disabilities (e. g. blind, using Braille displays,
  or speech-synth browsers), cf. "WAI Accessibility Guidelines: Page
  Authoring" <>
- any automatic content analysis, such as WWW search robots, or automatic
- people using text-only browsers,
- people who have switched off automatic image-loading in their browsers.

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   Otto Stolz

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