Re: Need for Localized Look of Shared Japanese/Chinese Gliphs??

From: Rick McGowan (
Date: Wed Jul 15 1998 - 14:36:31 EDT

> "Ima, Nihongo ga abunai!" ("Japanese is in Danger!"

> the symbolism of Unicode has touched on deep-seated fears and
> insecurities in Japan.

I find a kind of irony in this reported Japanese fear about danger to the
Japanese language. At this point in history, the language is more widely
known, more respected, more researched, and more fashionable that at any
previous period of history. Far from being in danger, it's enjoying a golden
age of world-wide popularity!

Ooooh, wait a minute... I guess "popularity" is the kiss of death for
language purity, isn't it? Never mind... Japanese *is* in danger...


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