The Syllabary of Shaykh Bakri Sapalo

From: Daniel Yacob (
Date: Sat Jul 18 1998 - 16:17:39 EDT


  Since the announcement of the workshop on the Ethiopian Syllabary in
Addis Ababa I have received a number of email inquiries on the findings
of the workshop. Since the conclusion of the workshop, organizers have
been working in all spare time with the follow-up committees and no summary
has been composed as of yet but when prepared will be found under the
ECoSA web page (http://ECoSA.EthiopiaOnline.Net -for future reference).

  However, what was the bomb shell presentation to those in attendance is now
online in summary form. This is the Oromo syllabary of Shayk Bakri Sapalo
which was in active but limited use in Ethiopia from roughly 1956 - 1976. While
unheard of to all but the most endeavoring scholars, computer fonts of the
syllabary are being prepared at this time by an individual in England we are

  To get a glimpse of the writing system with accompanying notes and
references, please open the page:



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