FW: Unicode reference fonts

From: Hart, Edwin F. (HARTEF1@aplmsg.jhuapl.edu)
Date: Fri Jul 31 1998 - 08:18:50 EDT

When I was working on the "Character/Glyph Model" (ISO/IEC TR 15285), I
found that most of the fonts that came with the Microsoft Windows 95,
NT, or Office 95 products all had digits that had the same width. (I
said "most" because I cannot say that I checked each font. Essentially,
I was looking for a font with so-called "old-style" digits or
"lower-case" digits, which have glyphs of varying widths.) Therefore,
from my experience, I have to say that designers of the font were
well-aware of the need for number alignment in columns.


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Similarly, few font designers know that it is very good practice to give
all digits the same width as the space character, because this makes
tables look much better.

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