Re: ANSI Macintosh code points.

From: David Goldsmith (
Date: Fri Aug 07 1998 - 13:53:21 EDT

Abhishek Kumar Mishra ( wrote:

>We want to write a translator from UNICODE to ANSI (for both MAC and WIN
>platforms). The ANSI WIN codepoints were available through the book
>Developing International Software for Windows NT/95 but have not managed
>the MAC equivalents.
>Any help on getting the ANSI MACINTOSH code points will be highly


Translation tables between many of the Macintosh native character sets
(Mac OS doesn't use the term "ANSI") and Unicode are available at the
Consortium's FTP site. The URL is:

These don't appear to be the very latest versions, though. In particular,
the very important change of the code point 0xDB in MacRoman from
CURRENCY SIGN (U+00A4) to EURO (U+20AC) isn't reflected there yet.

You can also retrieve the tables from:


Hope this helps,

David Goldsmith
International and Text Department Architect
Apple Computer, Inc.

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