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From: Ken Lunde (
Date: Fri Aug 14 1998 - 10:49:30 EDT


You wrote:

>> Is there a list of the equivalent pairs of traditional and simplified
>> Chinese characters somewhere? Or is this information algorithmically
>> derivable from the text-file databases on the Unicode 2.0 CD?

The equivalence between simplified and traditional Chinese characters
is locale-dependent. Also, the relationship is not always one-to-one,
meaning that a single simplified form may be equivalent to more than
one traditional form. Again, this is locale-dependent. I can provide a
few examples of why this is locale-dependent if you wish.

Anyway, this information can be derived through a variety of
sources. My upcoming books include some of these tables, such as the
2,180 traditional forms in GB/T 12345-90 and how they correspond to
simplified forms in GB 2312-80.


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