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Date: Fri Aug 14 1998 - 13:23:53 EDT

There are a mapping table made by the Govement of Republic of China.
The mapping table list the following:
1. Conversion table from GB 12345 to CNS 11643, based on GB12345-1990
2. Conversion table from CNS 11643 to GB 12345 , based on CNS 11643
3. Conversion table from GB 12345 to ISO 10646 , based on GB12345-1990
4. Conversion table from CNS 11643 to ISO 10646 , based on CNS 11643
and some other tables...

It is printed in Traditional Chinese, include a floppy disk

Published in Feb 1994.
ISBN 957-00-3422-X
Publisher Tel: +011-886-22-3880833, +011-886-22-3821394
Price: NT 200 (about USD 8)

Also, there are a public domain mapping table from GB to Big5-

I have use h3-30 in Directory of /pub/software/unix/convert to build my
Chinese Bible Tool. My data are all in Big5 and I do on-the-fly conversion
from/to GB by using hc . You can find the my Chinese Bible Tool in (or main.html).
Remember, all the Simplified Chinese Bible page are not pre convert, but
convert on the fly by using hc in the server. ( I pre convert some static
page, but not the BIBLE reading and searching result)

Ken Lunde wrote:

> David,
> You wrote:
> >> Is there a list of the equivalent pairs of traditional and simplified
> >> Chinese characters somewhere? Or is this information algorithmically
> >> derivable from the text-file databases on the Unicode 2.0 CD?
> The equivalence between simplified and traditional Chinese characters
> is locale-dependent. Also, the relationship is not always one-to-one,
> meaning that a single simplified form may be equivalent to more than
> one traditional form. Again, this is locale-dependent. I can provide a
> few examples of why this is locale-dependent if you wish.
> Anyway, this information can be derived through a variety of
> sources. My upcoming books include some of these tables, such as the
> 2,180 traditional forms in GB/T 12345-90 and how they correspond to
> simplified forms in GB 2312-80.
> Regards...
> -- Ken Lunde
> Manager, CJKV Type Development
> Adobe Systems Incorporated
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> (New book: Volume 1)
> (New book: Volume 2)

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